Mo Running

Mo Running ranked 80/16000 Montreal 1/2-Marathon 2014: 1h27

Running on average 70 km per week, buying about 8 running shoes a year, 1h27 on the last 2014 Montreal half Marathon and ranked 80/16000. All begun 7 years ago and Mo never stopped running since. On a sunny/hot summer or cold/freezing winter, you’ll see this 6.5 feet tall man running in Montreal.
His first competition was in Montreal 2013, and it was a last minute decision because his friend got injured and gave him his race number the day before.
He then discovered the joy and pain of the competitions and I’m sure will see him on many more performing very well.
And one advice...if you choose to run with him (like i did many times) get ready to do twice the numbers of steps that you are used to, to follow him !!!