About me & Contact

How did you hear about us?

It all began with a camera I got as a birthday gift in 2010. Camera in hand, I started exploring a passion that I knew I had in me long time before.
Like any of us, I kept carrying thousands of pictures of my past that I cherish despite the bad composition, wrong exposure, and wrong focus. Taking pictures gives me the ability to stop the course of time for a second, just a second! and have some stolen moments saved.
Photography is magic because it allows me to freeze and capture real moments, expressions, a snapshot on a window of life. 

Many asked me "Why Rear Mirror?" Well, Photography is a mirror of the past.

I can't look at a picture without thinking that's its part of the past, a moment in time that is gone. It is the proof of a moment that actually existed, back in time.
Not only it witnesses the past, but it’s like a Mirror since it reflects the characteristics of the moment in terms of light and composition.

For both the photographer and the subject, photography is a Mirror. It is the reflection of the way the photographer felt and the subject looked at this specific moment in time. 
The Mirror makes sense in the mechanics of the camera as well.
When you take a picture, the Mirror in the camera body flips up out the way, a shutter in front of the image sensor opens letting the sensor capturing the image.  

As for myself, I lived in 4 different continents and traveled in more than 20 countries. I am fascinated to see how different each destination is in terms of culture and life style. My camera helps me to share my feelings of the moment and gives credit to the difference that exists in each of us. Taking pictures helps to see more, to see deeper but also to learn about yourself. I pretty much enjoy music, vespa rides, good food, sport, my friend's company and keeping up to date with the news of this world...hold on, I forgot to add photography trips, early morning walks taking pictures, photography exhibits and reading this camera manual that never ends! 

That being said, I hope you will enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

You like my pictures? Let's meet.

Photos/courses walks: There is no better way to learn photography then by going for a walk and do real shoots. Bring your camera and let's try many setups and techniques to get you more comfortable with your equipment.
We can choose location (downtown, parks, indoor, outdoor) and timing of the day (sunrise, early morning, sunset,...) to work on different techniques and meet your needs.
We can also do an after session for lightroom development.

Events: I am available for any type of events, such as weddings, birthdays, parties, 5@7, cocktails,... 

Gifts/portfolios: Want to make a portfolio for fun, souvenir, business, family pictures? Name it and we will make it happen